Your Protection Is VERY Important To Us!



IF you are accepted as a member of this community you are agreeing to the RULES of this community.  We reserve the right to decline any application, any purchased membership or reject any member at ANY time during their time here in this community.  

We are raising the bar for expectations when it comes to a Birth Mother Support community.  We are different for many reasons and that is because we feel so passionately about the rules that have been created here, and our admins are determined to make sure that we each abide by them.  If you are not happy with the rules you are welcome to message us or you are welcome to leave.  We have had women come and go.  

We understand that we are NOT for everyone.  WE understand that every birth mom needs a different kind of support, sometimes you will not find what you are looking for here.  You are welcome to leave and always welcomed back (as long as you are not banned from group).  

But one thing is for sure- if you are here we WANT YOU HERE body, mind and soul.  This is NOT a place for a handout although you receive hundreds of dollars worth of material for only $5.00 a month.  You have to work for what you want here...

Please help us keep this space one of the top rated birth mom support communities in the country.  Thank you and we love you!


1.  RESPECT YOURSELF.  We will not tolerate you being down on yourself.  We love you and you matter.  We all have shitty days and we want you to share but there is a difference between a hard season and just verbally beating the crap out of yourself.  YOU ARE WORTH MORE!

2.  RESPECT EACH OTHER.  The admins of this group have 100% control of who is in this group and what is said back and forth.  You will be deleted and not invited back if you can't be nice to each other.  PS we absolutely encourage a difference of opinion.  That is how we learn and educate ourselves and stay open to other possibilities.  There is a difference between sharing a different opinion and attacking someone for not believing the same as you.

3.  KEEP IT PRIVATE.  This is a private membership group and anything and everything that goes on in this group is protected.  If you can NOT respect the privacy of this group you will be deleted and not invited back.  Our lawyers will be contacting you if you do not abide with the confidentiality of this group.  PERIOD.  

4.  BE SAFE and HEAL.  This place is for you if you need it!  

5.  KEEP IT LEGAL.  Understand that we do not support any illegal activity.  If we feel there is something suspicious going on we will address it privately.  If it makes this group unsafe or uncomfortable we will delete members and they will not be welcomed back.  

6.  WE ARE NOT LAWYERS.  We in NO WAY can give legal advice on any event including but not limited to adoption, CPS or other cases.  Please do not ask legal questions in group.  If you need some legal guidance please email our membership team privately and we can direct you to a resource list of individuals that we partner with.

7.  COMMUNITY.  We are all different stages in our placement.  We are here to support each other, learn from each other and to motivate each other.  Please share what you need to, please keep your advice or opinions to yourself unless asked, share with pure sincerity and always offer some sort of lift or hope in your comments.  We have to keep each other step at a time.

8.  KEEP IT CLEAN.  Posts that are offensive in language or content will be deleted.  Keep it Classy.  (by the way, we don't believe that shit, hell and damn are offensive, please use responsibly)  

9.  PROTECT YOURSELF.  We are here to bring you ladies together in a safe place.  If you develop friendships outside of this group that is great.  Be safe when sharing your private information.  We are NOT responsible for drama that happens between any of you OUTSIDE of this group.  You are NOT required to share information or reach out to others if you are not comfortable....respect any member that does not want to share!  

10.  PARTICIPATION.  We expect participation during our weekly discussions AND a monthly CHECK-IN where you will be asked to post something.  We believe deeply in the motivation and inspiration we receive from others.  We are family here!!  Support each other, encourage each other, love each other! 

11.  OUTSIDE RESOURCES:  We are working daily on adding to our partner list.  If you are looking for support like but not limited to Substance Abuse, Domestic Violence, Suicide, Depression, Eating Disorders and more please reach out to our membership team privately and we will provide you with a resource list.  


WE WILL BE STANDING FIRM IN OUR RULES OF THIS GROUP.  You are welcome to leave at any time. 

**DISCLAIMER: The information contained in this website, videos, or through couch time sessions should not take the place of an attorney, licensed therapist, or accountant. We do not take take appointments with those that  are clinically depressed, struggling with disordered eating, substance addiction, or have other serious mental, emotional, or physical issues.  We give advice on this community board through  posts, through video, live events, education material and during selective private sessions but results may vary and we do not guarantee your outcome.

Life After Placement Team