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With over 40 years of combined adoption experience-we are moving forward together in providing resources and support for birth mothers.


We are more than our placement

We are more than our struggle

We are more than our label

Together we are changing the way the world views birth mothers

We are committed to providing lasting care and paving the way for the future of adoption.

We are BRAVE




What to Expect From Us?

  • You Come First!

  • Selective collaborations to provide ideal resources, education and additional support

  • Safe and secure facilities

  • Online community to protect anonymity

  • Transparency and vulnerability from our entire leadership team

  • Not faith or religion based

Lynea Krukiewicz-Spears


Lynea is a Birth Mother of 27 years. She has been reunited with her daughter for 15 years. She a native of Utah, born in Utah County.  She is the oldest of eight which now provides a very large family as all are married with families of their own.

Her experience with being a Birth Mother has been a huge roller coaster of emotions.  The story is still ongoing and has many twists and turns. Knowledge is power and it can help when times are at their worst.

She serves as a birth mother representative for Utah Adoption Council for the last 5 years and is involved in Utah laws for adoption.

Along with her other interests she is passionate about helping other Birth Mothers to cope with the daily challenges of life after placing a child.

Lynea can be contracted to speak to groups on placement and Birth Mother perspectives. Please contact her if you have a function which would surly benefit from her background and outlook on placement.

Samantha Garcia

Director of Pen Pal Program

Meet Sammie! Manager of our exclusive #ProjectPenPal program. Sammie started a pen pal project on her own in order to reach other birth parents around the nation with a goal of sending 500 letters….we are taking her and her love for service this community to ta whole new level with our members only mail swap!

I am a birth mom to a beautiful girl named Ava Marie, I’m a mom to an amazing son named Elijah Michael Paul, fashion lover, dreamer, owner of My Truth, tattoo lover, significant other. I am crazy and wild, I have a passion to feel life to its fullest. I have always felt so enclosed, like I was confined in a box with hundreds of different labels. This is my healing journey yet it’s been so with it! As I unravel my feelings, some more painful than others, some happy, some sad, some hard to even face, it’s axing to see how far I have come. It’s wanting to embrace the pain in order to heal, and break free, to know who we are meant to be.







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