Moving Forward Together to Provide Resources and Support

It is truly an act of love when we choose to place our child. It is also something we deal with every day of our lives.
— Lynea Krukiewicz-Founder L.A.P.

Monthly group

Starting in Utah.  Join us in person for our FREE monthly group for women looking for post-placement support.


Join us as we attend, sponsor or host events NATION WIDE to continue our mission for lasting support.


online community

Join one of the nation's leading online support communities for women post-placement specializing in healing and forward movement.

It is time to step up, step out and step forward!


Start creating your LIFE AFTER PLACEMENT®.  

Join one of the nation's leading online communities for Birth Mothers specializing in healing and forward movement.  

You only have to ask yourself one question:  



Calling All Utah Birth Mothers!


Come and join us monthly for our FREE monthly support group!

Helping Women Grow Body, Mind and Soul


What can you expect?

  • Secure and safe space for you to share
  • Neutral Compassionate Care
  • One-on-one Mentors
  • FREE journal and pen at your first visit
  • Licensed therapists and doctors present each month
  • Professional Health Care resources
  • Life tools and journal prompts/assignments given each month
  • Honest, challenging and supportive encouragement from our team



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