My First Mother's Day Card

I need to give a bit of a history on how Mother’s Day started with me.

When I was 6 months pregnant, I have already started my adoption plan. I was not sure how it was going to work out but it was a plan in the making. I was home making a special dinner for my mother. They were at church. On Mother’s Day, they handed out flowers to all the Mothers. My Dad grab one and come home to give it to me. It was strange for me. Am I a mother yet or am I giving that title away? No matter the feeling I was grateful for my Dad to think of me. Later that day my mother saw the flower and ask how I got it. I told her and the look of “Why” came over her face, she shook her head and walk away.

The years following were never good for me on Mother’s Day. I didn’t not know about Birth Mother’s Day then but Mother’s Day just felt like a day I was not allowed to celebrate. When I had my son, I felt a bit better about this day.

Last Thursday I was at group out a bunch of birth Mother's Day gifts and made sure everyone received the card in the mail early in the month. When I got home, I was so exhausted and by Friday afternoon I needed to leave town. We went up camping where there was no service. I didn't want to deal with Birth Mother's Day or Mother's Day.

My Son surprised me with his own thought out gift! My husband as always makes the best of the two days I struggle with. It was great family time. 

On my way home I received a text from a neighbor saying they stopped by the house. They had something for me. I just got home Sunday late afternoon. Opened the front door. A gift by the door with a card.  A neighbor up the street is an adoptive parent. I've never actually met her other than Face Book. I opened the card and I froze holding the tears back. This was my first Birth Mother's Day card in 26 years! 


I had never really thought about receiving a Birth Mother’s card so this was amazing to me. Out there are people who honor what we have done and respect us. You never know what might come back to you but as life goes on special things can happen to make your day.

My heart full of LOVE!